Low-Cost Rural Surface Alternatives

Project Investigators

David White, Pavana Vennapusa

Project Schedule

Jun 2011 to Dec 2013


Iowa Highway Research Board


freeze-thaw, frost heave, gravel roads, literature review, low-volume roads, soil stabilization, thaw weakening

Project Description

Freezing/thawing action induces physical changes to granular surface road that can negatively impact public users, reduce emergency responder access/time, and results in increased maintenance costs for secondary road departments.  Stabilization can work to mitigate soft and eroded conditions of granular roads, but although technically feasible, can it be done economically?  The comprehensive literature review conducted during this phase of the research will address both the technical and economical aspects of stabilization for granular surfaced roadways with consideration of mature methods and emerging methods that show promise.

 The proposed objectives of this research project are as follows:

  • Conduct a comprehensive literature survey of the state of practice for granular surface road construction  with respect to freeze/thaw damage resistance
  • Develop recommendations with respect to conducting a phase 2 study to demonstrate various technologies.